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Get The Max For Your Writing Buck

  The Key To Getting Great Copy From A Freelancer So, you want to hire a writer or editor to provide you with awesome content for your website, your emails, your book, your mailer, your ads, etc. Don’t forget that in order to get the best copy for your money, you need to provide your writer or editor […]

Poem ~ Soldiers At Dawn

  I don’t usually write poems, but inspiration came to me today (Remembrance Day). Interestingly, it came to me upon waking up from a dream. In it, a soldier, dressed in an old style uniform, told me his war story. When he finished, I turned to my friends, insisting we needed to stop what we […]

when to write a press release

When To Use A Press Release

  Give it to the press Opening shop or building a website will not guarantee success. No matter who you are, whether a business, non-profit, author or candlestick maker, if you desire attention and exposure, you need to get the word out to your market. One traditional yet still effective way is the Press Release. […]