Need help with your book or writing articles? Don’t know how to get the words out or maybe you just don’t have time.

Let me research or string together the bits of information you do have in a way that readers will not only keep reading, but will get your message as well.

If you haven’t read about me yet, go to the About page and read my little bio. I have experience in writing articles and content for both print and online. Plus I have dabbled in web design. I once ran a website to create traffic and test various internet marketing strategies. This experience has come in handy when dealing with online content. Quite often clients need more than straight content.

But my strength is definitely in writing and organizing. I tactfully add structural elements that help the article’s (or book’s) message be clear and evident. If you already have published content, I write according to your already established style. I also have a knack of writing for your target reader, in a way they are more likely to “get it”.

Here are some past samples of my writing can be found at:



Weezywriter.com   (Magazine sample 1, 2, 3 on landing page)


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Building a mailing list




Ghostwriting article

Barrie Monarch Butterfly Program  (Ghostwriting)


Ghostwriting piece

Margaret Atwood Speaks At Barrie’s L3 Writers’ Conference

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