Website Design Projects


Sometimes you need a writer with website savvy. In the following samples, I provided most of the content and all of the website design.

Website Design ~ My first website.

I created this site after taking a week to learn HTML and CSS (back in 2008?). I hadn’t discovered WordPress yet, which takes a lot of the elbow grease out of configuring a website, especially with a blog function. Created all content and design with free tools, except for hosting.



Web Design ~ My second website & blog

This time using WordPress. This was also a test site to for internet marketing/blogging/social media/email marketing. Created design and 90% of the content and editing, all with free tools, except for hosting.



Web design, writing & editing content

Hwy65 West ~ Open House Ad

I did layout and design & edited the content. (Using paid Wix platform)



House sale website design

Hwy65 West Ranch ~ House Sale

I did layout and design, created/edited some of the content and provided a few of the images.  (Using paid Wix platform)



Web design

Created design and some content & editing. WordPress platform. All free tools, except hosting.




Kashi Bar Mock Online Ad ~ Created the copy & design

(Using free Wix platform)



Web design

This website!

My portfolio. I designed and created the content for this site, using the WordPress platform. All free tools were used, except hosting.



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